Reduce Indoor Air Pollution, Create Healthier Spaces, & Mitigate Associated Risks.

We know you care about your employees, clients, and partners. We do too. That’s why we’re proud to introduce SAST iAQ Pro™

IAQ health and safety is the responsibility of any organization’s most senior management but those charged with establishing such protocols are tasked with choosing from solutions, which in many instances, are misleading, overpriced, ineffective, or incomplete. 

SAST iAQ Pro™ is a systematic approach to safe and healthy buildings that combines 300 years of combined expertise with cutting-edge technology to create the next generation of indoor air quality. 

With comprehensive IAQ management plans supported by real-time technology and data analytics that are interpreted into actionable insights for building stakeholders, SAST iAQ Pro™ is the ONLY Building Health Management System™ designed specifically to give you peace of mind about your space’s health—and let the world know about it.

Our Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Buildings are unique and your approach to indoor air quality should be, too.

We’ll give you a roadmap for improving your indoor air quality and creating a healthier workplace, whether that’s in an office, a warehouse, or any other facility.

IAQ Plan

Without real-time data about your indoor air quality, how can you be sure your building is safe?

Our unique suite of indoor air quality sensors finally gives you a comprehensive overview of the health of your building. 

By monitoring the indoor environment and tracking progress against energy goals, our sensors help you identify IAQ deviations, improve the operational effectiveness of building systems, and save money.

Indoor air quality wall mounted sensor and network gateway

Have a bird's eye view of your air quality at all times.

Even if your building is well-ventilated, there are always going to be concerns about allergens and other pollutants floating around in the air. You can’t see them, and that means you can’t control them—or even know how much they’re affecting people without installing expensive equipment that requires constant upkeep and maintenance.

Until now.

indoor air quality management platform

What good is data unless you know what to do with it?

Statistics aren’t valuable unless they’re translated into business practices and we help you do just that. Get the most out of your data with ongoing reports, service, and recommendations for safe and healthy IAQ based on data and trend analytics so you can take corrective actions as soon as possible.

indoor air quality management plan

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