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Where Are The Most Polluted Cities in The World?

Welcome to How is Your Air, a series where we look at the most polluted cities in the US and around the world.

If you’re like us, you’re probably wondering which cities have the worst air quality. We’ve got good news: we do all the research for you! 

San Francisco Air Quality

Despite it’s other neighboring cities, San Francisco, home to famous landmarks such as Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Prison, has fantastic air quality year-round. 

Good air quality ratings in San Francisco can be contributed to the city’s coastal location, natural topography, and having a sparse level of factories and other industrial production plants around the city’s limits.

However, like every other city, car emissions are leading air pollution in San Francisco, so you may see higher levels at times. 

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salt lake city air quality

Salt Lake City Air Quality

Salt Lake City, Utah has been noted as a city with some of the worst air quality in America. Utah, which is considered a nature lover’s haven, is often plagued by dirty air quality.

 Location is a huge factor – Salt Lake City is located amongst the very mountainous topography which can cause pollution to build up near the surface. Strong winds easily whip up dust particles, and vehicle emissions contribute to poor air, along with the heating of homes and businesses.


In recent years, local governments have been actively pushing for more sustainable energy along with an action plan to effectively clean the air in this city. However, it still has a long way to go. 

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